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Follow Your Heart

I have a brain that moves a zillion miles an hour. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it is crippling. When I take a shower in the morning one of two things happen- 1. I get lots of amazing, creative ideas or 2. My brain is invaded with the minutia of the upcoming day. Today, it was the latter! The stream went something like this-
1. have to get the kids ready for school
2. Willow is buying lunch for the first time, will she be ok?
3. I hope Wren doesn't cry again when I drop her off
4. Should I work out today?
5. I still feel sick
6. What will I make for dinner tonight?
7. I really want to make art
The list of invading thoughts goes on!!!!
When this train starts moving in my brain I try to slow it down and focus on the now. I went outside on the porch to get fresh air and there was the most amazing sunrise. I felt a warmth run over me and thought, Kelly, just follow your heart! I ran to get my camera and take pics. The perfect moment had passed but this is what I snapped!

Until next time- JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!

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Joanne said...

Beautiful pictures! There nothing like a surise to warm your heart and start your day off with the feeling that the possibilities to this day are endless!
Blessings, Joanne

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