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Move it Monday Part 2

Last Monday I told you all that I would be posting on Mondays about my journey to get fit! So now that I made this decision- what next?  Figuring that I could not afford to join a gym, I started working out at home. This did not work very long for me at all!!! Too many distractions, kids needing things, seeing dusty corners that have not been cleaned in a very long time all of the sudden needed cleaning! LOL! Any excuse. I needed more motivation. When I was out and about running errands I ended up next to my local gym. I thought- check it out, you never know. I walked in there feeling like such a nerd and so out of place- but did it anyway. I talked to the dude, found out some numbers and thought to myself- we can totally afford this! I am definitely worth $1 a day to feel better about myself!!! So- I joined!!! A big leap for me. 39 and joining a gym to workout when I have not in about 20 years. What next...  Join me next Monday to see what steps I took next.

Until next time- You are worth it!

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