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Wisdom From Wren

The other morning the girls were getting ready for school and I went in their room to make sure they were staying on task. Wren, my 4 year old, was looking out the window. She turned around and said, "Mommy, this is going to be the best day!" Why is that I replied. "Because, I just saw 3 birds and a squirrel" she said with a big ole smile. I thought to myself, wow, how true. Everyday should be greeted this way, with appreciation, joy and the affirmation that it will be a great day! Every time I see birds and squirrels now I think of that morning and how we can create our own "Great Day"

On the way to school I snapped these great cloud photos. (of course, while I was at stoplights!!!)

Until next time, Create your own great day by appreciating all that surrounds you!

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