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Move it Monday- Part 3

Well, I have joined a gym, what next? I really wanted a trainer but that wasn't in the cards so I thought to myself what is the next best thing? We have access to all sorts of information online. Sweet! I wanted to find something that would work for me that had everything in one, nutrition and exercise. My eating is not that bad but definitely needed a change. I obviously did not get so out of shape by just not exercising- my eating needed to be tweaked as well. I found Jamie Eason on

Jaime Eason
I like her personality, her plan and would love to look like her! LOL!!! Baby steps Kelly, Baby steps.
I have cut out all  white devils- that's what I call bread, white rice, and white flour. I totally love me some bread, especially sourdough, so this was difficult. Now I only eat lean meats, vegetables and whole grains. I have about 5 meals a day to get my metabolism rolling. I try to follow her workout plan as much as possible. I can't really go to the gym everyday so I combine workouts. I figure as long as I am going and moving it is better than sitting around telling myself I don't have time!

Next time I will talk about some of my favorite recipes. My whole reasoning behind Move it Monday is to hopefully give inspiration to those of you who want to make a change and think you can't! I will be posting the good, the bad and the ugly of my get fit journey! I will even post pics of me along the way which is very scary to me and putting it all out on front street! All to inspire you!!! If I, a busy mom with a dream of a creative business, a family and all that entails ( you moms know how hard it can be!) can bang it out and get fit- you can too!!!

Until next time- keep changing, evolving and always look for ways to be a better YOU!!!

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