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Messages From the Universe

In the past couple of weeks I have saved 2 turtles. Both were in the middle of the road so I stopped my car, put on my hazards, picked them up and put them in the grass. The second one was a pretty hairy rescue! I don't really know that much about turtles and which ones might bite. This guy looked strange to me! I picked him up near the back so that if he tried to bite me, my hands would be farther away. This was a rascally fellow! He jumped out of my hands and scurried further into the road. Cars stopped and probably wondered who the crazy lady was chasing a turtle around! It took about 3 times until I was able to carry him into the grass to safety, laughing the entire time! I went home and searched out what kind of turtle he was- a Florida Softshell.

This is not the actual turtle but the same type.
Any who- I thought to myself the other day- is the Universe sending me messages through these critters? What is the meaning of turtles? So, I did a little research. I found a pretty interesting site called- What's Your Sign. It has all kinds of interesting information on animal symbolism and totem animals.
Turtles are a powerful symbol of protection, order, creation, patience, strength, stability and endurance. I believe the Universe is sending me a message that I am not in a race. My creative endeavors must be met with patience and persistence. No matter how slow I move, I am still getting somewhere. Patience is the key!
Do you have any animals in nature that seem to be crossing your path? Maybe the Universe is sending you a message!

Until next time- keep your eyes and mind open for what the Universe maybe trying to tell you!

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Kite Sanchez said...

I don't know what to say. I just read your msg. It somehow helped me but I am still confused.

I went online today searching for any help coz same as what you have experieNced, I was on MyWayHome last night with MyMotorcycle when I saw something creepy crawling one step at a time. I stopped in the middle of the road right away while amazed with what I saw! I knew it was a turtle! It was a turtle yeah aNd I took him/her home! The thing is until this time, I do not know what to do keep him/her alive. I want to keep him/her. I don't want to donate him/her. Ahhhh... I don't know what he/she eats. :-(

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